RPA Tips & Tricks

When trying to implement RPA solutions with OpsVeda’s intelligent insights, there are a few key principles to need to keep in mind before executing the bot:


Delays and reliability

Whether you are using Automation Anywhere or any other RPA tool, you should ensure that different components of your bot are padded with a healthy amount of time delays.

Our bot solution will be accessing multiple parts of OpsVeda’s web-based platform sequentially hence, it is likely that subsequent dynamic dashboards or grids would not been cached into your browser’s memory. This is why it might take a few seconds for your desired screens to completely load.

To increase the robustness of your bot solution, and to make sure real-world deployment goes smoothly, we recommend you use about 15 seconds of delays between screens.

XPATHS over virtual captures

OpsVeda’s visual insights are constantly changing with the underlying data therefore, we recommend accessing/clicking on parts of webpages by using XPATHS over “virtual” captures.

XPATHS are absolute or relative HTML paths to specific elements that you might see on a webpage. Using these over static screen captures will make sure that your bot solution works fine even when the insight you are trying to automate on has changed.

The following video will help you better understand how XPATHS and delays work on OpsVeda’s platform with the help of specific use cases:

Secure your sensitive data

It is likely that the bot solution based on OpsVeda’s intelligent insights utilizes multiple external applications. For instance, you may be looking to automate a process that uses SAP ECC, Oracle E-business suite, a VPN client, Outlook, or a combination of such applications.

When deploying such a solution in the real world, you want the user’s login credentials for different applications/platforms to sit in a secure place. A config file where the user is required to input his/her credentials is not a safe way to do this. To ensure maximum security, most RPA tools have vault-like features where user-inputted credentials are encrypted and stored. We recommend utilizing these features in your bot design.

The following video will help you get a better sense of how you can build a bot that helps login to OpsVeda as well as your VPN in a secure way:

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