User Preference FAQs 

User Admin/ User Prefer Details FAQs

Where do I find the User Admin?

The User Admin is located under the “User Prefer” details in the Admin App portion.

What is the User Admin used for?

In the User Admin, it can be used for a multitude of different activities for users. In the User Profile, there are four different headings; User Profile Header, User Role Assign, User Scenario Assign, and View New Request.

What is the User Profile Header?

The User Profile Header is where all information about the users is stored. For example, it offers email addresses, passwords, statuses of the user. In the User Profile Header, Admin can also scroll down to the “Add” button in the bottom left corner and add a new user. In the User Profile Header, Admin can also use this area to delete users from Ops Veda by selecting the user and hitting delete in the bottom left corner.

If a user encounters a password reset, Admin can go into the user’s name and edit the user’s information to reset the password to a generated password or type out a password.

What is the User Role Assign?

In the User Role Assign, this area of the Admin App defines the type of user the individual is. Typically, the role is defined by who the user is modeled after. The majority of individuals will have “users” as their role assignment. The admin on the customer side or Ops Veda can go in and change the user role if need be. To change or add a new role to a user, scroll to the bottom left, and select “Add” to make the appropriate changes. Once in the next window, select the User Id and the User Role to be changed. Select “Add” and the changes will be made to the User.

What is the User Scenario Assign?

The User Scenario Assign is the different type of Storyboards or Scenarios the individual has access to use in Ops Veda. Some examples of scenarios are Order to Cash, Logistics, Inbound Management. To add or change the scenario for the user, scroll to the bottom left and select “Add” and once in the next window, select the User ID and Scenario name to be added for the user and select Add to complete.

What is the difference between a role and a scenario assignment?

A role is the type of user and the scenario is the different types of scenarios the user has access to view.

What is View New Request?

In the View New Request, it offers the ability to see who has requested access to Ops Veda. The individual would request access from Ops Veda’s Login page. If a user request access but does not require that version of Ops Veda, Admin can reject the individual asking for access. ​

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